Sitting on the edge of our bed
Crying tears of lost love
In the dark no one hears
No one sees my misery
My lost love
My one time fantasy, torn and broken around my feet
Thinking of the good times
Crying for the lost times
Dreaming of what could have been
What could be
Crying for what was
Losing you is what's killing me
Losing my only love is my heart's death
When you say good-bye I die
When I'm all alone again, I'll die inside
Little by little every day
All the time you're away my heart breaks a little more
Till there comes a time
A distant day
When my heart is no more
And then and only then
Am I truly dead
And I cry for you and me
All I have left are my tears
The remains of my love
All that I can do is cry
Crying in the dark
No one sees no one hears
Crying in the dark
No one really…

Poem 30/July/99 T.Rex


On and on and on
A sweet and tender caress
From the soul
To her heart
A rose
To show her my love
Transcend time's chains
Give to her your life
Your every breath
My favourite flavoured everything
My melancholy enchantress
My summer, my autumn girl
Its the spring time of my love
Lyrics of my mind
Fires of my soul
Engulf the world
Take me prisoner
Chains of love from thee
Slave me
Hold me true
I shall always be
Thy prince
And eternal love
Till my dying days
To the summer lands
Where we will be
Together into forever
In our arms
Our love cycles
And fused
An atomic kiss
Till the end of time
Tears of emotion
Wonder of my devotion
To their beauty
A rose for a rose
My heart bleeds
Speared on her thorns
My sweet addiction
My new found opium
A goddess
A temple to thee
I worship all that you are
I can go on and on
Forever and a day
Till we both be old
And still my love for thee
Beats strong in my heart
Races through my veins
And surges in my mind
My love for thee
Complete and pure
Goes On and on and on...

Poem 26/June/99 T.Rex

My Rite of Death

Corruption drives every man,
Blood upon hand.
The knife cuts deep,
Forever forgiving,
It cuts away our sins.
Great works I have wrought,
Crimson pages of poetry rent from flesh.
Blood my ink,
A razored edge my pen.
My bloodied canticles carved for the living,
Sing my glory,
Sing and tell of my passing,
My undying torment.
I judge not whom I enlighten,
I take from them and create from them,
To give to you sweet poetry.
My humanity is dark,
In our minds rest and hide unseen terrors,
Horrors profound.
These dark muses taint us,
Drive us,
Make us.
I dreamt in daylight hours,
Maddening nightmares,
Both vivid and real.
Illusions my reality,
Sanity fractures,
And corrupts in on itself.
In an attempt to save what's left,
I write of Death.

Titan Rex Copyright 5th September 2000

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