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Okay...same story, different day. I know it's been forever since we've had an update, and this isn't much of one. I've updated the links page--taken down the dead ones and finally put up some new ones that people have emailed to me the past few months. I hope at some point to get the time (and motivation, of course) to do a total overhaul of the web site. It may be trimmed down a little since I just can't provide the features I'd like by my big ol' procratinating self and no one wants the job, but maybe it will at least be easier to browse and updated more than once a year (yeah, right). Hope everyone's doing well, though!


Download our free BBW Screensaver by clicking on the link below. It is made up of artwork featuring BBW's. Most of them are Rubens, but there is also one by Rembrandt and one by Titian as well. Hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download the BBW Screensaver

You can find more great artwork by visiting the Artchives.

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