The invisible ones

You "don't" see us everyday
We are the invisible ones.
The most physically visible
members of society and yet,
you just don't see us.

We are the fat women.
There, I've said it.
We use all kinds of euphemisms;
BBW, pleasingly plump, chubby,
large and lovely, take your pick.
It's all just a disguise anyway.

We hide from our pain,
from our lives, from our selves.
We feel everything so intensely,
despite our layers of "protection".

Do you think we don't notice
when you pretend you don't see us?
When the doors get slammed in our
face because they only get held for pretty girls?

We know you're not blind.
We see you watch the others.
So it must be us.
We're the Invisible Ones.

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