Juanita1010 (Jane)


the slam of the door let me know she was home;
i asked what had happened today.
she said, "i saw him with some other girl on his arm.
mom, can't we just move away?"
laughin', i said, "honey, you'll be ok--
there's plenty of fish in the sea."
she broke from my arms, the door slammed again,
but not before i heard her scream,

"you don't know how i feel!
you can't see what i see!
it's so much greater than you'll ever know!
you're not a thing like me!"

left there alone, i remembered a time
when nobody's life was like mine.
i couldn't know how normal i was,
how everything changes with time.
many's the time that my momma would say,
"don't cry, baby, it's no big thing."
since that was the last thing i needed to hear,
i'd rant, i'd rave and i'd scream,

later, i told her how foolish i'd been.
i said, "i was wrong. forgive me.
it's just that you're strong and i know you'll survive
whatever pain your life brings.
sometimes we shut out the people who care,
we won't see the love in their eyes.
and i know you may not believe this right now,
but someday you will realize
that honey,

(chorus reprise):
you don't know how I feel.
you can't see all i see.
you're so much greater than you'll ever know;
you're just too much like me.

you're so much greater than you'll ever know;
just a little too much like me.


they should write a song for me,
they should find a melody,
somethin' to soothe my lonely heart,
help me believe
that there is someone else like me.

there've been no lovers in my life.
i know that seems a little crazy to believe.
seems like everyone's had someone once or twice;
i know that's how it seems to me.

oh, there've been those that i have loved,
and a few who've wanted me,
but never anyone to call my own--
and God knows if there'll ever be.

so, (chorus)
i wonder why: am i so strange?
inside, i feel i'm just the same...
but would the answer fill these empty arms at all,
or give me comfort when i call,

(chorus reprise):
can't they write a song for me?
can't they find a melody?
somethin' to soothe this aching heart of mine...
oh, is there no one else like me?

and if there's no one else like me,
well then, i guess
this is the only song there'll be.

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