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Roles for Big Women

Being a BBW, I know how difficult it is to find monologues and scenes that are not only interesting but also aren't inappropriate for a large woman to play. Use your own judgement when choosing a monologue. If there is no reference made to the character's size in the play, you can probably use it. Don't limit yourself too much. If there is a monologue or scene that you really want to use and it doesn't mention size, use it. Keep in mind, however, if it's a popular piece and you're 250 pound woman trying to play a character that's technically supposed to be teeny tiny, it may cross the director's mind the the piece wasn't right for you. Most big women do not get cast as ingenue's! I personally usually find those characters boring anyway, but if you're more likely to be considered a character actress (the fun parts, IMO) you should probably pick those roles for audition pieces. There are quite a few roles that don't call for a specific body type, but if you are looking for a role made specifically for bigger women, here is my list of plays that have them:

It's an awfully short list at the moment, but I'm still looking. If you know of more, please let me know.