Ben Stiller

In this Disney movie, a group of pre-teens who've been sent to a fat camp take over the camp from its fitness and fame-obsessed owner, who wants to push his new program on the kids and film their efforts (read: torture) for his infomercial.

Compassion - A
The kids are charming, and you're obviously supposed to sympathize with them.
Realism - B-
While the boys are chubby, and some are outright fat, their eating habits and activity levels are not all that consistent with real fat kids.
Fat Jokes/Stereotypes - C
Overeating - All of the kids sneak in gobs of every kind of junk food that you can think of whenever they can. At one point they are shown dancing about spraying each other with syrups and sauces while eating pizza, marshmallows, twinkies, bread sticks, and any of the worst junk foods available.
Fitness Level - Of all the children there, not a single one of them is any good at sports. Even some fat kids can play baseball.
Other Elements - B
It's cute. As mentioned before, the kids are charming and expressive. Like most kids' movies go, the downtrodden kids win in the end, beating out the jocks from across the lake. The good guy camp counselor gets the girl, and the diet and exercise-obsessed owner of the camp reveals his true colors in front of the apologetic parents of the kids. It's not fabulous, but it's enjoyable.
Average - B

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